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Bass Coast Line Dancers

penny invcommhouse

From 13/8/21 ALL dances taught in Beginner sessions are listed on the Beginner Dances page. For more information about any dance, go to the New Dances Taught page and use CTRL+F in any browser to find it.

Enter the dance name or part thereof in the keywords space and then choose the dance name with the correct choreographer from the list displayed. Note there may be a video of the dance available from the pictures on the side once the step sheet is displayed.

To use this site you must first go through the registration process. Follow the instructions on how to do this, then when you are logged on click on the search button at the top of the page and then select "find dances" or "find music". Enter the dance name and choreographer (if you know them) in the appropriate spaces or fill in the song details. Then click on the correct selection from the list provided.

Click on the letter corresponding to the first letter of the dance name in the "Search By Dance Title" box then select the dance name with the correct choreographer from the list displayed. Click on the picture of a video camera beside the dance name to view a demo of the dance. Note that the Aussie Dance Sheets site only shows dances choreographed by Australians since 2009. There is a link on the page to Dancin' Down Under (in the upper left section of the page) which has dances by Australian choreographers before 2010.

Dance sheets can sometimes be viewed on the choreographer's own site and videos may also be available there.